Not meant to show a straight path.
Not meant to give a clear view.
Not meant to be more than
barely understandable.
This is just the Beginning.

ife is still real
Just not like before

We thought we knew our world

Evolution has not always
been kind to those
who left planet earth

No war still fighting
No sadness still desire
Kate Bishop the bitch
is missing
Mr Henry is dead
not dead enough

We still don’t know
Still not in full control

We thought we knew our world

Evolution has not ever
taken care of those
who need or deserve

No religion still superstition
No disease still suffering
Billy left home will not come back
someone’s abducted,
Keith and Jane never met

This day is going to be a good day
Starts with silence,
darkness and emptiness
And then the deepest of
sounds coming from behind
Full of expectations, this is a good day

Time’s never standing still
We can no longer tell
How far away
we are from home

This world is big enough
is big enough for us

We just don´t know
if we’re alone

One way, one day
two ways five days

Silent skies, confusing lies
deepest night,
the answers within sight

Part I – Music: C.Westholm
Part II – Music: C.Westholm/J.Flinck // Lyrics: C.Westholm