A small crew, a small vessel,
far away from home for 12 days.
He has been staring out
into the dark for over 24 hours,
listening intensively to the receivers,
and seems to notice
something the others do not.
Small pearls of sweat
form on his upper lip.
The young skipper knows
he is right, the others hope he is.
The silent instruments
disturb their thoughts.
First contact or last warning?

nside us or outside there is something hiding
Never heard of, feared, seen or sensed before

Nothing more than silence out there,
someone’s watching
Nothing there but empty,
dead, cold space
Secondary indications without communication
Hidden weapon, detonation hear this warning

Cannot see, cannot hear, one must die

No truce, no forgiveness
ah ah ah ah ah
No guilt, no remorse
ah ah ah ah ah

Run from – the enemy
Hide from – the enemy
Scared of – the enemy
One of us will die

Run for – the enemy
Hunting – the enemy
Fighting – the enemy
One of us will die

Music: Westholm Lyrics: Westholm