Lights out, daytime
passed forever
We’re all clinched
Nobody can move
Everything is a waste
A waste of time and life
Take away the darkness around us
Take away the ones that disagree
Please take away the anger

Still where I was born,
but far away from home…

After a lifetime of searching,
a lifetime of calculating
Time, mass and distances,
rotation, shape of orbit, speed
We’ve found a world that
has what we need
Here can we stay
for as long as we like
Conflict extinction
Equality for all
Conflict extinction
One unified nation

Finally days are long enough,
the sun sets as I desire
Spring time around the year,
no dark winter to fear
Comforting afternoon
is allways at hand
No need for sadness
No need for GOD

No need for evolution
No need for ancient history
Here is no tradition
We have our life and live it here!

Music: C.Westholm Lyrics: Westholm