Jupiter Society


Carl Westholm: Main composer and producer, piano and synthesizers. Known from carptree, krux and Candlemass. carptree.com kruxdoom.se

Members of the board

Öivin Tronstad:Lead and background singer and guitar player. Sings most background vocals on the Carptree albums and live performances. Worked with a small orchestra with Carl in Spain 1991. Sings the lead on four songs and most background vocals on this album and also on the previous Jupiter Society albums.

Cia Backman:Swedish lead and background vocalist. Heard on many Swedish acts, she also sings all female background vocals on the Carptree albums and the live performances. http://www.myspace.com/edmontonaylers

Mats Levén: Well known lead singer. (Candlemass, Y.Malmsteen, Therion, Krux etc) Played with Carl on Abstract Algebra 1995 and the Krux albums and some other projects. www.matsleven.com . On this albums he sings lead vocals Three song and some background vocals. On the previous album terraform, he also played some drums and guitars.

Ulf Edelönn:Guitar player, Important person for Jupiter Society as well as for Carptree

Dirk Verbeuren:Professional drummer, now living in USA. Known from both Devin townsend project and Soilwork. Plays all the drum on this album,

Sebastian Blyberg:Swedish bassplayer. Joined Jupiter Society on the previous album and play bass on all songs but one on this album.

Marcus Jidell:Played with Carls as stand in with KRUX, otherwise known from Evergrey and Royal hunt among others. www.marcusjidell.com

Deputy members

Fredrik Åkesson:Plays with Carl in KRUX, plays one short solo on this album but participated on the previous album with two solos under the name "Kulle". He is known from many swedish metal acts but now mainly Opeth.

Stefan Fanden:Producer, sound engineer and bass player. Played bass on, and mixed many Carptree songs over the years. Has a legendary bass sound and plays the bass on two songs on this album. He mixed the two previous albums

Björn Eriksson:Mixed the album together with Carl just as thay have mixed some Carptree song over the years. On the previous albums he helped out with some lyrics as well.

Peter Söderström: Swedish guitar player, plays with Cia in Edmonton Aylers http://www.myspace.com/edmontonaylers. He plays some rythm guitars and on solo on this album

Leif Edling:The man behind Candlemass and Krux. Carl has played on all his albums since The Abstract algebra album 1995. Plays bass on one song sing the lead in the firts part of the song "no survivors" and some background vocals. He also helped out with some lyrics on the earlier albums.

Pål Olofsson:The cover artist always chosen. He has made all the cover art for the Carptree and jupiter Society albums. www.dakota.se

Former members:

Declan Burke:Lead singer of Darwins radio and Frost. He met Carl at ROSfest USA 2007. Declan Sings on one song on the first album and he also wrote the lyrics for that part. Carl played the keyboards on his last Solo Album

Sven Lindvall: Bass player known from international acts like Aha, Ryan Adams etc and Swedish act like Kullrusk and Bronk just to mention a few. Carptree fan and a friend of Öivin who introduced him to Jupiter Society.

Jonas Waldefeldt: Professional drummer and percussionist
Jan Hellman: Bass player and studio owner. On the first album he plays an acoustic barytone guitar on one song www.confidentmusic.se

Sverker Nordqvist: 3D-modeling. Previously worked with movies like Lord of the rings and King Kong.

Joachim Flinck: Guitar player, composer and arranger, also the older brother of Niclas Flinck, (lead singer of Carptree). Played with Carl and Jonas Källsbäck many of the early years. On the first album he helped out with parts of the melody on the first son “The pilot II”

Lars Sköld: Drummer and studio owner. Plays with Tiamat among others.

Nils Erikson:Swedish producer/Lead singer/Keyboard player. Produced several Swedish acts (R.Pontare, Ainbusk etc) Nils has released some albums as a solo artist. Carl played on the touring following his first album 1996 On the first two albums he sings some lead vocals and helped out with some programming and good ideas. www.nilserikson.com

Jonas Källsbäck:Drummer. Played with Carl for many years in the early days.
www.mean-streak.se . Plays most of the drums on the first album and some on the second..